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We can offer a wide range of environmental measuring instruments:

  • The Sound Level Meter is an ideal noise pollution management device for users aiming to create a comfortable working environment and can calculate sound of 30 dB to 130 dB.
  • The Tacho-tester which is drop proof with a non-contact Functionality has a wide measurement range of 30.00 r/min to 99990 r/min and we can also have the analog or pulse output as well.
  • We can offer a Magnetic Field Tester that can measure the magnetic flux intensity in the ranges 2.000µT/ 20.00µT/200.00 µT/ 2.000mT.
  • The LUX meter can measure the LUX from 20 to 2,00,000 lx with great accuracy.
  • The Infrared Thermometer has a gun shaped design which makes it easy to handle it in field with a easy-to-see display with a temperature range of -60 °C to 760°C.